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By Jesse "Burgerm'n" Radin on October 27, 2015

I want Kristen Bell. I want Anonymous Losers to stop stalking me. I'll settle for Kristen Bell, the stalkers never stop anyway!

Carl's Jr has always been a step above the competition when it comes to the quality of their food and restaurants overall. For example, they were the first to accept debit cards and the first to offer a salad bar.

And the Thickburgers are great. They were originally called "Six Dollar Burgers" which was a parody of restaurants like Chili's and Applebee's where you get overpriced burgers with a noisy restaurant full of people singing Happy Birthday and other annoying gimmicks. 

The ads for the "Six Dollar Burger" suggested that you could get those same excellent burgers without the annoying restaurant and for a cheaper price. And thus the "Six Dollar Burger" line was born.

But as the years went by and prices went up, the "Six Dollar" label no longer made sense. The burgers were up to six dollars sometimes themselves, so it was no longer a joke title. A few years ago they changed the name to "Thickburger" to match with Hardee's restaurants and also to hide the history of the "Six Dollar Burger"... and if you get one of the premium ones like the Mile High/Super Bacon or the El Diablo, you can pay nearly $10 for the 1/2 lb variety on its own!

Despite the prices being higher than most other fast food joints, the burgers are better than the other fast food restaurants you can find. They come in a lot of varities. You can get a simple one like the "Original" which is the standard burger with typical burger condiments, or fancier ones like the El Diablo (has jalapeno poppers, pepper jack, jalapenos, bacon) or the new Tex Mex (fire roasted peppers, pepper jack, bacon). Both of those have a nice spicy "santa fe" sauce too.

As you can tell a lot of the fancier burgers have a southwestern theme with spicy condiments and various peppers. Overall I would recommend the Tex Mex the most, but if you want a traditional burger and have a large appetite, a 1/2 lb Original can't go wrong.

Health-wise, these burgers are never going to be good for you. Even the original burger 1/2 lb has 1050 calories and the El Diablo pushes it to 1290. Yes, that's almost as bad as Chili's worse, and bigger than anything other fast food places offer.

You can cut it down to 1/3 lb and the original becomes 830 calories and the El Diablo 1070. Drop mayo from your 1/3 lb Original and it's 700 calories, a reasonable amount for an adult-sized burger.

Carl's Jr is about eating too much food especially the Thickburgers. If you want a smaller burger than the 1/3 lb variety even, you should go with  the kid meals or the Famous Star/Western Burgers instead.

Of course you can also "low carb" it and that 1/3 lb thickburger wrapped in lettuce is 450 calories. 

But for me, I enjoy the 1/2 burgers here. Not the best for me I know, but they are damn good. :)

Video is of another limited time burger with pulled pork on it, now removed from the menu. :(

Anonymous Heart attack city!


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Thickburger (Carl's Jr) Reviewed by Jesse "Burgerm'n" Radin on . Score: 87